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After reading this book, I only have one question: Where was it when I started my freelancing career over two and a half years ago? 

I have read many books on freelancing, writing, social networking, branding and more. Danielle has taken her first-hand experiences as a freelancer and summed it all up in the pages of this book. It is a basic, to-the-point book from the heart of someone who has spent several years living the life of a writer and making it work for her and her family. 

Her honesty and straightforward approach are what make this book the ideal source of information for new writers. It is not filled with countless pages of “fluff”; just a fact-of-the-matter tone from a woman who cuts to the chase and doesn’t fill anyone’s head with a bunch of false hope and BS. (Pardon the language, but there is no better word to get the point across.) She does not promise anyone they will make thousands of dollars a week by working a few hours a day, or ask for hundreds of dollars for a “course” to improve their writing. 

This book is ideal for anyone starting out in the field of freelancing. It is one I personally know I would have benefited from when I started; and I will be utilizing the information within and referring back to it regularly. Learning by doing is definitely the best way, but having an excellent source of information to avoid the mistakes is invaluable. If you are considering becoming a freelancer (or have already taken the plunge) I suggest you start with this book.