Happy Earth Day everyone (and Happy Birthday to my sister Karen)!

Today is the day when we are supposed to be more conscious about our environment, but shouldn’t we be that way every day? It is the day the local grocery store decides to use paper bags decorated for the day by Elementary School students, but every other day they use plastic. They do encourage customers to use reusable totes, but why wouldn’t they have paper more accessible any other day? The paper bags decompose while the plastic bags stay intact for decades. I personally just don’t get it.

I do think as a writer I can be just as hypocritical, as I sit here on my laptop when I should be writing with pen and paper. I sometimes find that I lose the train of thought and the meaning when I am copying my writing from paper to computer, which is why I tend to do my blog posts the first time on the computer. when it comes to my books and articles however, I prefer to work it out on paper first. That of course, depends on what I am working on. If time is of the essence, it is the computer all the way.

This year our Earth Day is not as warm as most have been. We are still under snow cover in many areas, and any attempt at planting a tree (or even digging a hole for one) is going to be thwarted by the frozen ground. Our normal temperatures for this time of year are usually well above freezing; today I don’t believe we’ve hit that quite yet (as I write this at 9:24 AM). Our winter has been unusually long, but I am hopeful for a warm summer. On the upside, at least the -40 temperatures are gone for awhile. I have been an Albertan all of my life, so I do know the frigid temperatures will return but can it wait until January or February?

I shall continue my day with attempting some yard work if it warms up enough. If not, I will be finding a sunny spot inside and working on my novel (sequel to The Hidden Estate). If the weather does cooperate with me, perhaps I will take my lawn chair into the alpaca pen and write some of my novel there. They are a part of my novel, so why not document some of their antics for the book?

This evening when my daughter and I go for our walk we will do our part and pick up some trash along the roadway. Now that the snow is slowly melting we can see just how much has accumulated over the winter months. We pick up the bottles and cans for recycling, but I do think it is time to take along a bag for the trash as well. 

What are your plans for this day? Are you enjoying the sunshine or in the midst of a snowstorm? Are you writing or reading today?