I have previously done a review on for the Ojolie.com eCard site, which may be found in an earlier post. I now have the opportunity to do another review for the site.

In addition to eCards the site now has an animated Christmas eBook available. “The Night Before Christmas” is read by the site’s ‘grandfatherly narrator’ and the story is brought to life with animated watercolor illustrations. You may watch and listen, or you may read the poem yourself. Reading “The Night Before Christmas” is a tradition for many families. It may be a tradition for you as well, or you may wish to start your own traditions. 

Although many of the eCards on the Ojolie site are free, you will need a membership to purchase the eBook or premium cards. Membership is less than one dollar a month if you purchase the two year package ($18.00); a one year package is $12.00. The price of the book starts at $4.99 for a single copy but multiple quantities are discounted.

Sending eCards and eBooks to loved ones is a good way to show them you are thinking of them. However, eCards should not completely replace traditional cards; rather they should compliment them (as I was politely reminded after my last review).

One final note: the eBook requires the Windows operating system.

View the preview available on the site and let me know what you think. Have a great day!