Sending eCards has become a more efficient and environmentally conscious way to send cards; not only during the holidays but also year round. Snail mail cards have their place, but eCards are perfect for letting others know you are thinking of them. They also take only moments to customize and send. The recipient can be viewing the beautiful card within minutes instead of days. 

Once again, has come up with some amazing Christmas eCards. The animation is humorous in some, with my personal favorite being the “Jingle Bells” card (pictured below). In order to be able to send unlimited cards via Ojolie, you must be a registered member. Membership fees are $12 for one year and $18 for two years, which is very reasonable for a service which provides eCards for every occasion. There are also currently (at time of writing this article) two free Christmas eCards: 1. Saint Nicholas 2. Winter Wonderland. There are a total of 33 Christmas eCards available at present. 

There are also free eCards available for other occasions which means it is not imperative to pay the membership fee. Membership does have its benefits as the selection available is much larger. If you wish to be notified of new eCards as they are added, simply opt in to the mailing list. One of the perks of sending eCards via Ojolie is the ability to personalize several of them with your own photo. This feature makes a standard card truly your own, as no other person has photos exactly the same as the ones you personally took. 

With the invention of the internet and animation, sending cards has never been easier. Delivery time is almost instantaneous no matter where in the world the card is going, whether it is down the street or across the ocean. The selection is larger than most displays at your local drugstore, and the animation is sure to cheer up the recipient. Granted not all of the cards are for happy occasions, but the fact that you have taken the time to send someone a “Thinking of You” card or “Sympathy” card is all that matters. As it is said, it is the thought that counts. 

Now, send one of the beautiful eCards from  via email or Facebook  and make someone’s day. What are you waiting for?