I have seen many blogs where the author has posted information about individual earnings. I have to admit it is not something I have personally done, but feel it is time to  do a personal assessment to see just where I stand. It is interesting to see where the earnings come from. Although I know I won’t be tabulating monthly, I will occasionally post updates. 

I have used AdSense for quite some time, but have not utilized it to its full potential. I recently did some tweaking and am seeing a small increase in earnings, so am gradually going to add more channels to hopefully increase earnings further. After not checking my AdSense account for a LONG time, I realized I made a whole 60 cents in February. It may not seem like much, but it was money I earned without putting any extra effort in anywhere.

I contribute to Bubblews and my last cash-out was January 31; I have since earned $8.35; granted my posts have been few and far between. I know others who reach the payment threshold ($25) within days, but I have not been that aggressive with my posting.

I also sold two novels (POD) and four e-books since January 31 and earned $16.20 in royalties. These sales will gradually increase over time and I do not consider it to be a bad amount considering I have not been continuously marketing.

My HubPages earnings from February 1 to present are $3.02 in ad revenues alone. The Hubs have also generated some AdSense revenue this month in the amount of 18 cents. (My last withdrawal from here was in August 2012, and I have accumulated $15.33 in ad revenue alone since September 1, 2012.) The balances also include earnings from the eBay Program on HubPages; I have not included the Amazon Affiliate program earnings.

This list is only a fraction of what I have earned between February 1 and today, and the total is $28.35. To many it may not seem like much, but one has to keep in mind these are earnings from work that was done weeks, months and years ago.

My monthly income varies depending on book sales and how much I contribute, but I am pleased to say it is gradually increasing. When writing online, whether it be articles, blogs, or other assignments the trick is to be contribute quality content and contribute often. My earnings reflect on the amount of time I put into my writing; when I submit new posts my earnings increase. If I leave all alone, my earnings will generally drop again. I only earn what I deserve to earn; if I slack off then I cannot expect to earn more. It is the same for anyone who writes for a living (or does anything, for that matter). You will only get out of it what you put into it.

For those of you who write online, do you keep monthly, quarterly or annual tabs on income generated?