I had always dreamed of writing a book someday. As I have mentioned in other posts and comments, I always thought it would be fiction I would write. As I started exploring my options and sat down with a book idea in mind, I realized I wasn’t going to get past the first chapter. It was then I decided to take a different approach and write nonfiction instead.

The question was, where would I start? As I started doing some research into writing and publishing, I came across a site called Para Publishing by Dan Poynter. I receive his newsletter each month and always learn something new by reading it. He has also written books on publishing which I have had the pleasure of reading. One of my favorites of his is “Writing Nonfiction: Turning Thoughts into Books”. In this book Dan explains the different types of publishing as well as providing information and insight to what makes a good book. 

I am happy to say I have used his methods to organize, write and self-publish my books. I know I still have a lot to learn as I am relatively new to the world of writing. It is an ever-changing world and writers must be prepared to change with the times. Publishing has also come a long way over the years. In the beginning the only way to be published was to go through a lengthy process of communicating with a Publishing House. Now with the increasing POD (Print on Demand) facilities available, anyone can write and publish a book. 

The one thing to keep in mind when self-publishing is to treat your book as if you were going through a traditional publisher. This means proper formatting, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Do not let the simplicity of self-publishing ruin your credibility by producing a book riddled with errors. Self-publishing gets your book into the hands (or computer/e-reader) of your reader quicker, but don’t sacrifice quality. 

Being a self-published author, I can relate to the trials and tribulations others face. It is not an easy road to take but it can be very rewarding if implemented properly. By following the advice of successful authors and publishers we can all prosper. In addition to sharing my own experiences I will continue to share information and books/websites by those who have taken the time to talk about their experiences in the publishing world. We live in an information age, and learning how to best utilize that information can mean the difference between barely paying the bills and an early retirement. 

Which road do you want to take? Please leave your comments below.

Thanks and have a great day!