Having the ability to check your page rank directly from your site saves both time and money. You save time by not having to go to a separate site to check your ranking, and money by being able to see if your marketing efforts are bringing traffic to your site. 

Check Page Rank Free is a site that gives you the option of being able to check your page rank directly from your site. It is a service available for free to anyone and does not require you to fill out any registration forms or login information. Simply place the code on your website to allow quick access to the Check Page Rank Free site and anyone visiting your page will have the option of checking their own site ranking just by clicking on the button. 

In addition to being able to access information (ranking) of their own site, users may also access the rank information about any website they like. Plus, page visitors can see at a glance where your page ranks in the standings as well. If your site is new it will naturally rank lower, but as time goes on it should improve. By having this information visible to your audience, you can modify current content and blogging practices to improve page rank. 

This is a great service which will enable both site owners and site visitors to monitor page ranking at a glance. It is meant to be utilized to improve page ranking which is achieved by relevant content and number of views by others. I have personally incorporated the buttons on my site and am confident with monitoring and regular posting my site ranking will improve. This is an invaluable tool to help my business grow. You have nothing to lose by adding the functionality to your own site or blog. 

Although Check Page Rank Free displays information related to Google’s PageRank algorithm, it is not associated with Google. It is strictly a free service provided to the public based on Google ranking.