Writing has become my outlet for creativity as well as an income source. There are days when I have what seems like dozens of ideas in my head, but I don’t know which to write about first.

As I was thinking about all of the sites I contribute content to, I came to a realization: why not continue to create content, but market some of it via my own site for others to use. There are several websites that do just that, and give their writers a cut of the revenue. I have written articles for revenue sharing sites, ghostwriting sites and guest blogging, and I like to think I have it all. The three income options for writers listed do have their pros and cons, as described below.

Revenue Sharing

  • Article writer submits work to a site, with no guarantee of getting any return on it. 
  • There are hundreds of sites that provide writers with extra income by utilizing affiliate links, advertising revenue and a rate per number of views.
  • A good way for new writers to “get their feet wet” and learn what makes (or breaks) a writer.
  • Writing for RS is a good way to build up an online presence and a following. Fellow writers will comment on your work (take some of it with a grain of salt) and point out the good and the bad. Be aware that some people are just plain rude, so don’t be too hard on yourself. If the majority of comments are positive, you can presume the negative comment is coming from someone who is having a bad day.
  • There is no way to predict how much an individual article will earn. You may be writing for pennies, or you could get lucky and have a single article that earns hundreds of dollars. (Read more here.)   


  • The income from ghostwriting is generally considerably higher, as you lose all rights to the content as soon as you sell it.
  • For those who are not intent on defining their own brand, ghostwriting can be very lucrative.
  • There is no residual income from ghostwritten material. You cannot claim it as your own, nor do you receive any additional compensation (revenue sharing).
  • Ghostwritten articles can (and do) sell for more than a few pennies per word; sometimes even dollars per word. The income potential is amazing if you don’t mind writing for someone else who is going to get all the credit for your work.

Guest Blogging

  • Guest blogging does not pay as much (sometimes not at all), but it can increase your online exposure. 
  • Blog owners often do not have the time to constantly come up with new content. This is where you, the Guest Blogger, comes in. You may be monetarily compensated, but the rate will not be as high as ghostwriting. The reason for this is you are allowed a byline on the blog you have written for, which in turn puts you in the eyes of potential clients (or customers).
  • Many blogs have in the upwards of thousands of subscribers; putting your name in front of that many people is the best free advertising there is.

The three options listed above are only a small number of what is available out there, but it does give you an idea of the income potential. I have experience in all three options, in addition to writing my own books and eBooks.  
Before deciding on (or committing to) a single income option, may I suggest you give each one a chance. I have found by combining various methods, I can earn more per month. 

The one thing to always remember, no matter which platform you wish to utilize, is to always do your best work. By putting your best foot forward, you can potentially attract the attention of website owners who may hire you for regular content. That is what recently happened to me, and I get paid for my articles plus am allowed a byline.