In today’s world, businesses should have an online presence if at all possible. This does not necessarily mean having an actual website, but by all means do so if you can. An online presence may be as simple as a Twitter account or a Facebook page, but whichever you choose be sure it will be able to grow with you.

When I first started my freelancing career, I began with a Twitter account. As time went on I added a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook Fan Page and eventually started this website. I have gradually built up a list of followers, and have landed some writing gigs by simply having an online portfolio. I know there is much to be done and I admit I do not know it all, but it is all part of the learning process.

I am pleased with the platform I am with, and have no intention of switching. For those of you who have (or are considering) a WordPress Blog, I have recently learned about a Web Hosting Platform called Mom Webs. It is my understanding there are several packages available to business owners/bloggers, and they are reasonably priced. The service also accommodates those with Blogger blogs, which allows for easy transfer over to WordPress. Plus, if you are new to blogging and need help, they are also available to help you get set up.

The main thing is to get yourself online, no matter which platform you choose. Your type of business can range from a home-based business to a larger brick-and-mortar facility, or even be strictly online. There are few limits (most web hosting services frown upon pornography, racism, etc) when it comes to websites and blogs, but please be professional and courteous.

They also offer an affiliate program for those who are interested in earning a residual income. Simply sign up for their affiliate program and they will provide you with links and banners. That in itself can provide a source of passive income (something anyone can use).

If you are considering a blog, contact them. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by utilizing the power of the internet. I know being online has been good for me; why not let it help you?

If anyone has used the service, I would love to hear your thoughts and experience with it.